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’ve just taken up the post of Online SEO Manager for, a leading light in the field of Mobile communications over Internet Protocol or MoIP.

Barablu have been around for around a decade perfecting VoIP technology which they then pioneered onto the mobile platform. Don’t think I’m saying this just because they’re paying my wages, but the barablu app is a marvelous little thing: Not only can you get crystal-clear phone calls for FREE via almost any Wi-Fi enabled device, you can instant message all day in circumstances where you wouldn’t normally be able to.

In fact, Barablu is an extension of the Bikini Effect, since it’s not just giving away 95% for nothing, the whole tool is free!

So, I hear you cry, why haven’t we heard of Barablu before. The short answer is that while the folks here have spent many years getting the technology right, they haven’t paid much attention to letting people know about it. As a result, the younger upstart, less-fully featured competition gets higher in the Search Rankings because they spent more time on marketing.

The upshot is this: Your site needn’t be selling the world’s best thing since the invention of sliced bread to outstrip the competition IF you take time to implement the very basics of good website design.

The bad news for the competition is Barablu is now on the case: in the coming weeks and months, I’ll be implementing as much SEO expertise as I can get my brain around to make the market leader as well as the technology leader.

Watch this space — or failing that, watch the Barablu Blog

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