Lazy Word Index Tool

Oh CanadaFrom the land of the Maple Leaf comes an index that highlights "it," "this," "there," and the word "and," — all considered lazy words.

The tool below also concentrates on prepositions — such as "of", "from", "with", and "by" — which tend to make a sentence too long.

They can also destroy the rhythm of a sentence: try reading one of yours and emphasizing with a loud voice every time you encounter a preposition to see how the momentum can be destroyed. Tweak text with this tool to make its “voice” more active and persuasive.

Paste at least 300 words and up to 5000 into the window below and hit the button to get your Lazy Word Index score. You can edit the text in the box and reload to try to improve the figure.

As always with statistical analysis, the figure may seem contradictory or counter-intuitive.