Motivating Content Producers

The key to motivating people to contribute to any project or activity is finding their personal angle: what’s in it for them?

I’ve not been a member of the Regus team for very long to meet enough people to know what flicks their switch but, in the wider world, behavioural scientists say that it comes down to food, habitation and mate competition. Now, I’m not sure we can introduce online dating, planning rules prohibit using offices for residential purposes and, trust me, I’ve tasted Regus’s sandwiches.

Contributing to the website MUST become a part of everyday life for selected Regus employees and to facilitate that it has to be made painless (or as painless as we can) as well as rewarding. I faced similar problems at my previous emplyer in recent years and only recently — with endorsement from higher management AND extra resource and incentives — did people begin to realise that online HELPS them, not hinders.

What will be make or break is a good Content Management System. The CMS displayed today by Ektron sets a high standard. Above all, it appears to be an easy sytem to use with and intuitive interface.

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