Yes, You Can Write!

People often say: “There’s no point in me writing content, I can’t write.” Yet, paradoxically, these same individuals are often the most fluent people I’ve ever met, especially when it comes to their specialist subject.

I’ve recently been advising a mate on ways to increase his site traffic and suggested a blog. “I’m not sure how interested people will be,” he said. “I’ve never read a blog nor has anyone mentioned one to me but I do often see a small surge in sales when the site gets talked about on forums.”

I told him the best blogs were those with real opinions and real information. And it didn’t need to be groundbreaking content either: one of the web’s biggest problems is that most of us don’t have the time (or the inclination) to wade through the waffle to find the nuggets of fact.

So here is some handy advice for would-be content writers

Write From The Heart

Use the sort of words you’d say to a friend who shared your passion but beware of jargon in content

Keep It Short

Write it in 250 words or less: any shorter and your reader will think: “Why did he bother?” Any longer and he’ll ask himself: “Can I be bothered?” .

Keep It Relevant

If your chosen keyword density is less than 3%, consider writing another posting.

Don’t Be Afraid to be an Explainer

If content can be better put, put it. Stephen Hawking wrote a guide to his A Brief History of Time because he realised it went over the heads of most people.

Don’t Be An Impulsive Publisher

After you’re written what you’ve written, read it again – TWICE. And give yourself a break in between, you’ll be surprised how many content errors will reveal themselves after a short rest.

Practice Really Does Make Perfect

Even Shakespeare started somewhere. Writing — like sex — gets better the more you practice IF you’re willing to be self-critical. Allow your writing to be less than perfect from the start.

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