Tool Time

At we aim to make your life as a content hunter/gatherer easy-peasy. So here you’ll find a free online content tool or two to help.

If you can think of any other content tool that would make your life more “contented”, drop us a line.

Keyword Density Analysis Tool >
Content with good SEO has the right keyword balance. This tool updates as you type to demonstrate how effective your keywords are.

Readability Analyser Tool >
Enter up to 5,000 words into this tool to discover how easy your content is to read against several accepted yardsticks. More coming soon.

Lazy Word Index Tool >
Another content readability tool but aimed at longer samples. Enter text into the tool to discover how easy it is to understand.

Unicode Translation Tool >
Before spambots got wise it was possible to use Unicode to hide email addresses in content (it displayed alright on screen, but looked insignificant from the back). This tool — which translates between Unicode character numbers, characters and UTF-16 code units in hex, and Numeric Character References (hex and decimal) — might still come in handy for content you won’t find in a dictionary.

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