Category: Content Management

  • All your databases are belong to us

    My latest project is to analyse the content database strategy of a major multimedia publishing company.

    Like many media companies around today, its business model has changed dramatically to take on board different methods of broadcasting its output. And like …

  • Five ways to damage your SEO with content

    1. Write Rubbish

    If your content makes no sense, if it’s dull and irrelevant, if not even your mother would make it all the way through, then you can be sure it will be bad for SEO. Make content interesting, …

  • Five Reasons to have a CMS

    1. Because you always have access to your content

    Managing content using flat-XHTML and a code editor means you ALWAYS need a code editor. Even if you have a team running a round-the-clock service there will always be gaps. A …