Making Sense of Ad Sense?

I’ve had a recommendation of one interesting way to see if your Google Ad Sense is optimised for the number of words.

I have no idea if it works, I can ramble on for ages and this site is more about information than making money, but I leave it to you.

  • Resize your browser window to fit 800 by 600 pixel resolution (although most of the world has a bigger screen these days, this size is still counted as the average).
  • Create a page with three columns below the page title in a H1 tag. In the first column put your menu. In the third column put an Ad Sense “Wide Skyscraper” ad (160×600).
  • Now paste the text into the second column and reload the page to see what the ad bot thinks is appropriate. If the ads match your topic, fine. If not, rewrite the text or add more or remove fillers. If the middle column is taller than the height of the ad then, says the model, you’ve written too much.
  • Next, link to the page and leave it alone until Googlebot has fetched it between two And four times (indexing is usually two days). Two days after the last Googlebot visit (around day six) check again to see if the ads still match your content keywords. If not, tweak your wording and go again.
  • When all is stable, you know you’ve achieved the optimal number of words per page.

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